ChatGPT Prompt Generator for Content Marketing and SEO

Use this free step-by-step ChatGPT prompts generator for achieving high-quality content marketing copy and supporting SEO. Streamline your creative processes with AI now.

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My ChatGPT prompt generator is aimed at anyone in need to ideate, generate or optimise marketing copy with SEO in mind. The generator has an intuitive 10-steps approach and will output the complete prompt for you to copy/paste into your favourite ChatGPT tool.

If you want to read more on the generator click here. Any constructive feedback, please drop me a message. Now, let’s get started! 

How to use the ChatGPT Prompt Generator

By making the ChatGPT prompt generator now available to you, I hope to receiving valuable feedback for improve it. It’s work in progress. I’m not a developer / coder by any stretch of the imagination and I’m aware it’s rough around the edges.  

👉 I’m particularly keen on hearing of any stylistic or formatting commands you feel are missing from the generator to calibrate your output.

Knowing what prompts to use and in what combination is the secret sauce when it comes to using ChatGPT for generating and optimising content.

Writing good copy is easy, authoring great copy is an art form requiring skills, experience and a framework and a set of guidelines to work with.

As with any ChatGPT output, use this generator’s output as a starting point from which you need to work with your ChatGPT tool to optimise until you feel it’s right.

Unlock ChatGPT's Potential for Marketing Copy

My 10-step ChatGPT prompts generator enables anyone to tap into AI’s creative power for content creation. By following the guided prompt building process, you can kickstart high-quality blog posts, articles and other marketing copy tailored to your needs.

But effectively utilising ChatGPT prompts requires an understanding of how to structure and target them. As an experienced marketer, I designed this prompt generator to make ChatGPT prompts easy and accessible.

Choose From Various ChatGPT prompts for writing

The key is selecting the right ChatGPT prompts from the wide range available. Prompts for writing cover many uses like crafting blog posts, social media ads, landing pages, emails and more.

For instance, ChatGPT prompts for content marketing should brief the AI on topics, keywords, formatting, length, tone and other attributes that shape a content strategy. Meanwhile, ChatGPT prompts for letter writing provide guidance for developing personal, persuasive requests or responses.

And that’s before you define the author and their individual characteristics, such as language, writing style and structure, to name but a few. 

And when applied to copywriting, certain ChatGPT prompts elicit creativity while others inject structure, concision or factual accuracy. Know your prompts to mix and match elements to achieve your goals.

I recommend David Gewirtz’ 7 advanced ChatGPT prompt-writing tips you need to know published on ZDNET to anyone keen on improving their prompt writing skills.

Unleash ChatGPT prompts for marketing copy

The sheer breadth of marketing uses for ChatGPT prompts is quite frankly infinite. My prompt generation framework is your launchpad for exploration. From ChatGPT prompts for social media ads to ChatGPT prompts for content strategy and everything in between, transformative possibilities await. 

Broaden the Horizons of Your Content

Too often, marketers take a narrow view and either produce pieces of content at random or “over-optimise” on SEO to the point the content is unreadable and doesn’t serve the target audience.

I’m aware that a ChatGPT prompts generator could potentially further this type of approach and culture. But that’s where I aim to refine my ChatGPT prompts generator to work towards clearly defined objectives and within a content strategy to help focus and maximise creativity within these limitations.

Collaborate With ChatGPT for Originality

While ChatGPT excels at synthesising existing information, blending human originality with AI capabilities breeds ingenuity. I always review ChatGPT’s output, refine it collaboratively, then often bounce back for a second pass of enhancements. This workflow allows genuinely unique concepts to emerge.

Use my ChatGPT prompts for social media posts and beyond as a starting point. Then shape something distinctive through partnership.