Access: Equity Offer Calculator (Stock & Shares Option)

Free access to my Equity Offer Calculator to help you understand the true value of a job's shares and equity package. Learn which key questions to ask so you can decide with confidence whether that stocks and shares offer holds value for you.

Equity Offer Calculator (Stock & Shares Option)

How to use this calculator

👉 Using a desktop or tablet / iPad gives a better experience. 

👉 Ensure you have a minimum of two of the three inputs from a company: last preferred price, last post-money valuation, and/or total number of outstanding shares. Add these to the box at the top where indicated.

👉 Establish a hypothetical exit value by examining similar companies who have recently gone public or been acquired.

👉 Input the number of options and the strike price for your offer.

👉 Review your estimated ownership percentage and option payout.