Originally published on Colibri.io by Karol Pokojowczyk.

Are you thinking about getting more leads with Content Marketing? You should! Take a look below for more insight into how to start with Content Marketing Strategy.

The Checklist

1. Be clear about why you want to write a blog

Blogging is a quite hard job- you have to be consequent in the thinks you are doing. You must answer for yourself WHY you want to have a blog and then turn this WHY into your main motivators

2. Determine your target group and personas

This should be quite clear but unfortunately not all people know their target group. You must know what your blog will focus on. You cannot write about everything neither for everyone. It is necessary to have a specialised theme that people can learn from.

3. Create blog goals

20% more traffic, 10% more conversions or 5% more leads. Whatever it is, you have to create a goal. If you reach your goal you have to create a new one, if not ask yourself why and improve your tactics.

4. Think about your ideal reader

What does this person likes? What are her interests and finally what is she willing to read, if you can answer these question you will be able to write the perfect article.

5. Find about ten keywords

They should be related to your niche and blog topics. Having a short list enables you to focus your content on these phrases. Write at least one column for each keyword.

6. Create editorial calendar

This might be very useful. Use your topics as the basis for your editorial plan. Think about how often you can commit to publishing information. It’s better to start with less posts and to expand your publishing schedule over time.

7. Write blog posts

It creates free PR. Business bloggers are often interviewed by journalists as industry experts. Get some press! You will have to start probably with some smaller blogs but they can also create you some value backlinks

8. Optimise your blog posts for SEO

At a minimum, include your keyword in the title and URL. Have at least one link to your older posts and one link to a third party entity.You can find more about Link Building Tactics on our Previous Post

9. Measure your results

Measure your conversions and your traffic. You can do it with Colibri – Online Marketing & SEO Tool. You have to analyse where your traffic is coming from and which post are the best for your blog

That’s it! What are your ideas? Do you have any suggestions? Please share in my comments section below.