Originally published on LinkedIn by Gayané Grigoryan.

Here are what I believe are some of the biggest issues company marketers will be dealing with in 2017:

1.  Native advertising

Why it is so important? Five years ago companies were spending 80% on content creation and 20% on content promotion. I believe the ratio has switched, with successful companies creating differentiated content and putting some advertising and promotion power behind it. Native advertising will be a gateway for content marketing in 2017.

2.  Influencer marketing

As the world has shifted to social media, consumers look at fellow consumers to inform their purchasing decisions. Instead of looking at companies, as they did in the past, they now look at each other and at their favorite personalities, who are consolidating massive followings on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and other platforms. For these reason, influencer marketing to be the next big thing in advertising.

3.  Purpose-driven marketing

What’s your why? Why do you create your content? Does it have a real impact on your customers or prospects? Is there a deeper purpose behind what you do, instead of creating content as part of your sales and marketing machine?

4.  Video and visual

Based on numerous statistics, it is obvious how big and important using video and having a visual storytelling strategy are.

But, most brands are still hanging their video strategy on the viral, instead of building a process and organization around the ongoing delivery of valuable information through video.

5.  Teams and workflow

There are many examples of well-meaning content marketing programs die because of improper workflow and hiring inadequate people to make real content experiences.

6.  Mobile

Pokemon Go anyone?  To put it simple, if your content isn’t easily digested on mobile devise, you have a significant problem.

7.  Content technology

Before you choose any technology for your content marketing, be sure to have a sound strategy first.

8.  Writing

Writing still counts, perhaps more than ever. More than not, marketers are abuzz about social media and video without comprehending that most of our communication is still text and story based.

9.  Integration with sales

Most organizations are dominated by sales, and if we don’t start integrating salespeople into content marketing world, marketers are going to get back to their offices and hit brick walls.  Sad but true )

10. ROI and measurement

I don’t think this one need explaining. The No.1 question “How do I show the success of my content marketing program”?

11. Email and marketing automation

Two thing are clear to me about e-mail. First, email is far from dead, and maybe more important than ever for our content marketing programs. Second, most of the companies send spam disguised as content every day to their key stakeholders. It turned out that marketers use about 10% of the functionality behind marketing automation. Simply put, most of us are using marketing automation the wrong way.

12. Construction of a media organization

I’m fascinated by the movement of enterprises to becoming media companies. Red Bull Media House was, of course, one of the first formally create a media company inside its organizations. This is a huge movement that has some momentum behind it.